January 5th Events

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January 5th, 2005 (January 05 2005)EventEris, the largest known dwarf planet in the solar system, is discovered by the team of Michael E. Brown, Chad Trujillo, and David L. Rabinowitz using images originally taken on October 21, 2003, at the Palomar Observatory.
January 5th, 1996 (January 05 1996)EventHamas operative Yahya Ayyash is killed by an Israeli-planted booby-trapped cell phone.
January 5th, 1993 (January 05 1993)EventThe oil tanker MV Braer runs aground on the coast of the Shetland Islands, spilling 84,700 tons of crude oil.
January 5th, 1993 (January 05 1993)EventWashington state executes Westley Allan Dodd by hanging (the first legal hanging in America since 1965).
January 5th, 1976 (January 05 1976)EventCambodia is renamed Democratic Kampuchea by the Khmer Rouge.
January 5th, 1975 (January 05 1975)EventThe Tasman Bridge in Tasmania, Australia, is struck by the bulk ore carrier Lake Illawarra, killing twelve people.
January 5th, 1974 (January 05 1974)EventAn earthquake in Lima, Peru, kills six people, and damages hundreds of houses.
January 5th, 1972 (January 05 1972)EventU.S. President Richard Nixon orders the development of a space shuttle program.
January 5th, 1968 (January 05 1968)EventAlexander Dubcek comes to power: "Prague Spring" begins in Czechoslovakia.
January 5th, 1962 (January 05 1962)EventA replica of the miraculous statue, the Holy Infant of Good Health, is presented to Blessed Pope John XXIII.
January 5th, 1945 (January 05 1945)EventThe Soviet Union recognizes the new pro-Soviet government of Poland.
January 5th, 1944 (January 05 1944)EventThe Daily Mail becomes the first transoceanic newspaper.
January 5th, 1940 (January 05 1940)EventFM radio is demonstrated to the FCC for the first time.
January 5th, 1933 (January 05 1933)EventConstruction of the Golden Gate Bridge begins in San Francisco Bay.
January 5th, 1925 (January 05 1925)EventNellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming becomes the first female governor in the United States.
January 5th, 1918 (January 05 1918)EventThe Free Committee for a German Workers Peace, which would become the Nazi party, is founded.
January 5th, 1914 (January 05 1914)EventThe Ford Motor Company announces an eight-hour workday and a minimum wage of $5 for a day s labor.
January 5th, 1913 (January 05 1913)EventFirst Balkan War: During the Naval Battle of Lemnos, Greek admiral Pavlos Kountouriotis forces the Turkish fleet to retreat to its base within the Dardanelles, from which it did not venture for the rest of the war.
January 5th, 1912 (January 05 1912)EventThe Prague Party Conference takes place.
January 5th, 1909 (January 05 1909)EventColombia recognizes the independence of Panama.
January 5th, 1900 (January 05 1900)EventIrish leader John Edward Redmond calls for a revolt against British rule.
January 5th, 1896 (January 05 1896)EventAn Austrian newspaper reports that Wilhelm Roentgen has discovered a type of radiation later known as X-rays.
January 5th, 1895 (January 05 1895)EventDreyfus Affair: French officer Alfred Dreyfus is stripped of his rank and sentenced to life imprisonment on Devil s Island.
January 5th, 1854 (January 05 1854)EventThe San Francisco steamer sinks, killing 300 people.
January 5th, 1846 (January 05 1846)EventThe United States House of Representatives votes to stop sharing the Oregon Territory with the United Kingdom.
January 5th, 1781 (January 05 1781)EventAmerican Revolutionary War: Richmond, Virginia, is burned by British naval forces led by Benedict Arnold.
January 5th, 1759 (January 05 1759)EventGeorge Washington marries Martha Dandridge Custis.Martha Washington Quotes
January 5th, 1757 (January 05 1757)EventLouis XV of France survives the assassination attempt by Robert-Francois Damiens, the last person to be executed in France by the traditional and gruesome form of capital punishment used for regicides.
January 5th, 1675 (January 05 1675)EventBattle of Colmar: the French army beats Brandenburg.
January 5th, 1554 (January 05 1554)EventA great fire occurs in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
January 5th, 1527 (January 05 1527)EventFelix Manz, a leader of the Anabaptist congregation in Zurich, is executed by drowning.
January 5th, 1500 (January 05 1500)EventDuke Ludovico Sforza conquers Milan.
January 5th, 1477 (January 05 1477)EventBattle of Nancy: Charles the Bold is killed and Burgundy becomes part of France.
January 5th, 1066 (January 05 1066)EventEdward the Confessor, King of England dies.

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